UntrackMe Lite

Transform Youtube, Twitter & Instagram links to their free and open source alter


Transform Youtube, Twitter & Instagram links to their free and open source alter

Fedilab Lite

Lite version of Fedilab - a multifunctional Android client to access the distrib


SSH and local shell client


Snikket is an easy-to-use and privacy-friendly messaging app

PeerTube Live

Stream your device camera to your PeerTube channel!


A free, open-source Twitter client.


A universal proxy toolchain with XTLS support

AnonAddy for Android

Anonymous Email Forwarding

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter


A music streaming client for Subsonic servers - free substitution plan App

Just view the substition plan

Share via HTTP

File sharing tool

GitNex for Gitea

Client for Gitea


Messaging client

Open Link With...

Open links in native apps when you're stuck in the browser! 🚀

Download Navi

Download Navi is a free and Open Source download manager for Android 4.4+

Canada Weather & Radar

Quick, easy, and free Canadian forecast, animated radar, and home screen widget.


multi-services RSS client

SimpleLogin | Anti-spam

Protect your email inbox with a secure and open source solution by SimpleLogin

Share to Pinboard

An app with a single purpose: to send URLs to Pinboard without a fuss.


Multiple accounts client for multiple social networks


A little image viewer to open image and video links from external applications.

Better Schedule (Bakaláři)

A faster schedule for Bakaláři. For students, by students.

jQuarks viewer

LineageOS Jelly browser +adsBlocker +tiles +offline_.mht +...

Guerrilla Mail

Quickly receive anonymous and temporary mails.

Your local weather

Application displays current weather and location wherever you are.


Vendor and technology agnostic open source home automation


Open source Flutter Whiteboard


Upload images to