Status: Crypto Wallet, Messenger, Ethereum Browser

Cryptocurrency wallet, Private messenger, and Ethereum DApp Browser all in one

Invoice Ninja

Create invoices, accept payments, track expenses & time-tasks

Simple Crypto Widget

A simple widget to display prices for lots of cryptocurrencies.

My Expenses

Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source


See where you can spend your bitcoins

Taler Cashier

Take cash and give out electronic cash


Currency conversion

Bitcoin Wallet [testnet3]

Testing version of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet

Store digital currency

Minimalistic Price Converter

Minimalistic app converting prices of fiat shitcoins and Bitcoin


Convenient front-end to hledger-web


Blockstream Green Bitcoin wallet

Currencies: Exchange Rate Calculator

An exchange rates currency converter for Android

Nighthawk Wallet

Private Money in your pocket.


Haircomb crypto currency wallet, core and a blockchain syncing software.

Velas Wallet

Secure, easy-to-use and completely free app to manage your cryptocurrency

Unstoppable Wallet

Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi

Peercoin Wallet

Your mobile wallet for Peercoin and Peercoin testnet.

Mobile Paper Wallet

Create single use cryptocurrency wallet, just like a paper wallet

Sushi - Personal Finance

Keep track of your own finances

Catima — Loyalty Card Wallet

For your barcodes, memberships, loyalty programs, coupons and tickets.


Currency conversion

Finance Manager (PFA)

(SECUSO) Helps you keep track of your income and expenses.

Money Logs

Financial Record Manager App


Simple app to help you plan and manage your savings goals easily.

Groestlcoin Wallet TestNet

Groestlcoin Wallet


Budget management application


Check price history of Amazon products


keep track of lent money and items