Science & Education

LibreHealth Essential Care For Every Baby

A Newborn Baby Care Support App


A butterfly monitoring app for transect counters.


A butterfly monitoring app for species-specific registering of butterflies in Eu

Linwood Dev-Doctor

A free, opensource, serverless learning platform. A linwood project.

Geological Time Scale

Display the geological time scale of the Earth's history.

RoboZZle Droid

Robot programming game

Easy Ear Trainer for Chord Progressions

Simple ear training for musicians to recognize different chords.

OpenStud for InfoStud

Unofficial client for Sapienza University's InfoStud


Provides information for the students of JKU Linz


Offline Japanese dictionary


Use your device to advance scientific research.

Jiten Japanese Dictionary [Online]

Japanese dictionary based on jmdict/kanjidic (online version)

Show Articles in Map

Show articles from Wikipedia near a given location in an interactive map.

Anki Image Occlusion

Anki Image Occlusion app used to create normal, group and combine cloze anki car

Password Store

Manage your passwords

Jiten Japanese Dictionary

Japanese dictionary based on jmdict/kanjidic (offline version)


Assist in cave surveying

Democracy Droid

Watch "Democracy Now The war and peace report"

JRPN 16c

Programmer's calculator similar to an HP 16c.


A flashcard-based study aid


Official App for the Gymnasium Wendelstein

windvolt Germany

strategical usage of regenerative energy


Practice kanji writing on your phone's keyboard!

Fruit Radar

Find edible plants and share them online!


Menstrual/period calendar


Life expectancy widget

Std Atmosphere

Engineering tool


A simple, modern calculator that uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).

Mastercom workbook

View school marks, documents, topics, timetable

Identify Dog Breeds

Identify dog breeds with your smartphone.